Apr 22nd 2017


SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd at 11:45am
(Walking Bridge from S Peoria St. toward W Harrison)
After the I Can’t Breathe Event at Gallery 400

SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd at 3:30pm
(Walking Bridge from S Peoria St. toward W Harrison)
Before the Jumpsuit Project at Gallery 400

LONGEST WALK is an installation of female identifying bodies in public spaces originally created in protest to the dehumanizing policies of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Ohio. Conceived and directed by Megan Young, the original includes collaborative development with participants and poster design/hand printing by contributing artist, Angela Davis Fegan. It transforms the systemic boundaries and restrictions of the politically charged RNC event, even from within a climate of exclusion and deep ideological divides.

For the Revolution at Point Zero iteration of LONGEST WALK, artist Megan Young and collaborator Angela Davis Fegan reinforce the need for substantive, embodied representation in public and political spheres. Artifacts from the original installation are on view in the gallery and public stagings are planned for the weekend of April 20-23rd. Embodied installations showcase community participants in a cyclical walking pattern of forward and backward steps with handprinted text objects on-site. The installation becomes a monument to the contested space of the female body – being too often used for personal or political gain. It transforms the tone and conversation of public space and public discourse.

Those interested in participating in the LONGEST WALK activities are encouraged to sign-up in the gallery or online at: https://goo.gl/forms/QHTJHLJG7rHPGW1I2

This socially engaged project marks the threshold between supporting a cause in thought and supporting a cause in action. It emphasizes the inherent risk and vulnerability of demonstrating, protesting, or otherwise enacting ideology through the interface of the body. While championing the individual collaborators who do so on a regular basis, this living monument also provides in-points for viewers to cross that threshold. They are invited share what issues are relevant in their lives, join the walk, and literally feel what it is to put their body into action. Young engages in this process personally and by reaching out to existing activist groups.

For more information on the exhibtion “Revolution at Point Zero: Feminist Social Practice”: http://bit.ly/2mKC4RF

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