Apr 15th 2017

CC Ann Chen: Color is a faraway place

@ Slow

2153 W 21st St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, April 15th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, May 13th

Maybe I should say C.C. Ann Chen (http://www.ccannchen.com/) went on a journey. A simple journey by her accounts, but from the look of it an impossible journey. She sailed. Nothing like the prefab vacation experience on a luxury cruise liner. Think of a ship you might see on PBS, a fishing vessel from over a hundred years ago. Full of folks preserving a small, mostly unknown culture. A few science types and artists accessing things otherwise difficult to access went along. Another world. Ann sailed around the Faroe Islands. Cliffs that jut out of the sea hundreds of feet before you get to the land part of the isle. Another world. She is trying to bring back a kind of experience to share with us. Not a souvenir, not a snapshot of what she saw, but some of that light she observed. Local color.

Ann looks at light, at color. All of us do, but she makes a direct point, even a career of it. She separates the minutiae of the places she observes to hone in on parts impossible to hold on to. How do you catch a wave upon the sand? Ann has been looking at waves disappear on the sea for years. She has stared at light for years. She has a laser’s focus but her gaze is directed toward unclear and uncertain things. Things that seem like they are not things, haze and atmosphere.

This project was made possible by support through Ninth Wave Global (www.ninthwaveglobal.com).

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