Mar 3rd 2017

Urbs in Horto

@ Galerie F

2415 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, March 3rd, from 6PM - 10PM

Chicago’s slogan “Urbs in Horto” translates from Latin to “City in a Garden”. This slogan was established when Chicago was officially incorporated as a city 180 years ago on March 4th, 1837. Although initial ambitious plans to surround Chicago in green parkland were never fulfilled, our fine city developed one of the most visionary park and boulevard systems in the nation which allowed us to host the World’s Fair (twice)! Chicago pride goes beyond its iconic skyline and boss sports teams. The reasons to be proud are as numerous and varied as the individuals who make this city a lush place to grow.

As a printmaking gallery, Galerie F aspires to provide a space that promotes printmaking as an art form. Chicago’s printer community is treasured and respected far and wide for it’s talent and unmatched grit. It was only fitting that “Urbs in Horto” at Galerie F brings together over twenty printers and makers to illustrate and share exactly what they love about Chicago — you are sure to find a piece in this collection that resonates and sings of home. Join us at Galerie F on Friday, March 3rd from 6-10PM to celebrate Chicago! Our fine city’s favorite beer, Old Style, will be sponsoring the evening alongside PH Balanced Hydration by Essentia Water.

Andrew Ghrist, Anna Hasseltine, Brad Rohloff, CHirCH, Chloe Perkis, Corey Singletary, Crosshair, Cul De Sac Press, Dan Grzeca, Devin, Owsley-Aquilia, Dirt Chicago, Emmy Star Brown, Gabe Hoare, Jasso, Liz Born, Liz Flores, Lloyd Patterson Jr, Matthew Hoffman, Mike Monteleagre, Nate Otto, SORRY Design, Starshaped Press, Tararchy, WalkerTKL

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