Mar 10th 2017

Come Into My Bedroom

1. An organism of trauma confronting our everyday existence what does it mean to engage in a space – to be present in space – with our digital memory –
Where u are always watched – watching yourself – performative actions –
body sits with itself – breaking down memories of trauma – fragments
Dissociation from memory
I sat with myself in a room making things to put my body into
I watched ur body sitting
I watch bodies carrying the weight of other bodies
Ur pain is hot
Everyone wants a little bit of trauma
I would enjoy to live lavishly in it
Privatize my Suffering

2. Picture two hamster rubbing themselves over each other in a slow but steady fashion their bodies writhing – “ they feel holy in this moment” pain is elevated – performative action – take a selfie with the gyrating hamsters – if u love ur animal let it cum.

3. – in the future you will forget this part – Lower the pitch of your suffering

4. Do u want to play with me ?

Yes . NO

Precious Okoyomon is an artist and writer based in Chicago. Her work has been performed and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center (Cincinnati) , Hester (NYC). She is the author of Ajebota ( Bottlecap 2016).

Judith Brock is an artist based in Cincinnati . She is a designer and writer.

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