Feb 25th 2017

Simple Pleasures Artist Talk

@ Heaven Gallery

1550 N Milwaukee Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, February 25th, from 7PM - 11PM

On view through Sunday, March 19th

Simple Pleasures Artist Talk

Looking at the way we communicate through personal narrative, artistic practice, identity, and magic.

Panel members:
Iris Bernblum, Rebecca Walz, Liz McCarthy, Raul de Lara and Selina Trepp

About Simple Pleasures

Liz McCarthy, Caleb Yono, Selina Trepp, Raul de Lara, Ryan Pfeiffer & Rebecca Walz
Curated by Iris Bernblum

This show is a love letter. From one artist to another. To those who give me hope in the wake of a new post-election reality. Absorbing the pain I was feeling myself and from those around me, I realized it’s more important than ever to speak to the issues presented here. I came to this show with the body and pleasure in mind.

To put it simply: These artists work with the body, sexuality and gender in ways that
push, seduce, and play with us. They bring forward the complexities of our bodies and minds with what it means to be seen, touched, hurt, and loved. What it means to be human.

For me they are magicians in the studio, taking us to places that feel true and full of life.They all invite us to engage on an intimate level; one cannot look and look away. The afterimage stays. It sinks in.

“And now, after living beside you all these years, and watching your wheel
of a mind bring forth an art of pure wildness – as I labor grimly on these
sentences, wondering all the while if prose is but the gravestone marking
the forsaking of wildness (fidelity to sense-making, to assertion, to argument,
however loose) – I’m no longer sure which of us is more at home in
the world, which of us more free.”

-Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

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