Feb 4th 2017


@ In House

3520 W. Armitage Ave.

Opening Saturday, February 4th, from 5PM - 9PM

(s)E(a)SCAPE is an active multi-media installation that invites viewers to partake in an evening of karaoke with artists Anna Liza De Leon Evangelista and Lorén Navidad Ibach.

Evangelista’s ceramic pieces shaped like oceanic coral wrapped with Ibach’s woven textiles scatter and fill the room acting as the artists’ housewares that represent their travels and exchanges with one another as well as a critique on souvenirs manufactured through tourism, trade, and imperialism. Ibach’s large sculpture constructed of fabric resembling the undulating shape of a rice terrace mountain, encases and manipulates the white walls of the gallery. In the center is a couch and coffee table that holds a karaoke machine with microphones and a songbook. On the wall is a projection of the music’s lyrics and visuals. Viewers are able to select from the songbook and choose what to sing. Ibach and Evangelista’s karaoke visuals will appear in the background of the karaoke lyrics. This includes images of women in the Philippines post Spanish colonization lounging in traditional formalwear, video footage of Filipinx Youtube stars Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda singing, as well as with images of the artists displaced and collaged in different travel destinations. During the Ritual event, Ibach and Evangelista will be wearing garments they made, basketball jerseys with the word “Nanay” on the front, a Tagalog word that translates to mother. The gallery becomes a home that the two artists have occupied and made their own through the use of objects and belongings. They invite the community into this made up domestic world to transport themselves somewhere else through song. The loud sound of others’ voices layered on top of popular music arrangements will amplify and fill the space and echo and transcend into the street and neighborhood. While the artists use karaoke as a way to celebrate camaraderie and togetherness through American popular song, audiences must digest the complexities within the images displayed.


(s)E(a)SCAPE is part of 2nd Floor Rear, an annual DIY festival of art in alternative spaces. Be sure to check out the other events happening February 4-5 at https://2ndfloorrear.org/

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