Feb 17th 2017

Reimagining History Through The DuSable Museum’s Collection

This exhibition is an invitation to engage with the legacy of Dr. Margaret Burroughs and the history of the museum itself. Using objects from DuSable’s collection, Floating Museum enlists local artists, institutions, and budding historians to reproduce and reinterpret these remarkable pieces. The exhibition treats these objects as gateways, illuminating a web of histories past, present, and imagined. Each new object resonates with the rest of collection, reorders history and ignites new connections.
Dr. Margaret Burroughs’ invitation to the community to donate their own artifacts extends the value of the object to the exchange itself, to the relation between the institution and the people it represents. In this way, the institution is of the people, arising from their own histories. In this spirit, Floating Museum invites local artists and historians, young and old, to make this history their own. Join in, be a maker, a recorder, and a living document of this collective history.

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