Feb 3rd 2017

Fiction Within

@ Chicago Artists Coalition

217 N Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, February 3rd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Thursday, February 23rd

The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present Fiction Within, a HATCH Projects exhibition featuring work by Jessica Harvey, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Barbara Diener, Caleb Yono, Erika Råberg, and Yaloo, curated by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera.

Fiction Within reveals possible realities, dreams, and fabrications used to cope with social pressures and dominant ideologies. Using both confounding and comical imagery, the work presented compels the audience to question their own notional truth. The artists employ reality as a stretchable, moldable state that allows for subversive beliefs and ideologies. The discourse within the exhibition becomes, at times, a parafiction, and in other instances, a mirage that seems too unimpeachable to be trustworthy. These six artists are not interested in deception, but in the paradigms that culture instantiates to create illusions of identity, security, and national symbols.

Jessica Harvey uses ashes to create black and white photograms that resemble a distanced view of stars in space, whereas Erika Råberg’s work depicts the romantic absurdity that transpires in recreating historical narratives. Carla Fisher Schwartz uses fiction to continue building upon her search for an elusive island now erased from Google maps: an impossible enterprise that makes us think about the innate failure of contemporary living. Barbara Diener’s video work uses mystery and language as ways of luring the viewer into questioning the legitimacy of the spiritual world in relation to our own fantasies and desires. From a sensitive position, Caleb Yono draws an array of new life forms – anthropomorphic, animal-like, and femme subjects – in order to erase heteronormative behavior and hegemonic masculinity which dominate our sense of self. In a similar vein, Yaloo fabricates bodies in virtual renderings that complicate relationships to gender, western and eastern identities, and disparate landscapes.

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