Feb 24th 2017

Egymásra Nézve [Another Way]

Friday, February 24, 2017 7:00 PM
(Károly Makk, 1982, Hungary, DCP, 102 min.)

Set in 1958, Another Way follows Éva, an idealistic journalist fighting to expose the abuses of the state. Éva falls in love with her beautiful coworker Lívia, who, unfortunately, is married to a brutish officer in the Hungarian army. Produced while Hungary was part of the Soviet bloc, led by the communist János Kádár, Károly Makk’s film tackles two taboo subjects simultaneously: political repression and sexual oppression. Not only was Another Way the first mainstream Hungarian film to deal with lesbianism, it was also the first film to call the 1956 political resistance to Soviet occupation a “revolution,” rather than using the officially-sanctioned term “counter-revolution.” Whether or not the sexual theme was a smokescreen for the subversive political content, Another Way gathered a cult following among Hungarian lesbians during the Cold War. The screenplay was written by the Hungarian writer Erzsébet Galgóczi, based on her loosely autobiographical 1980 novella Within the Law [Törvényen belül].

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