Feb 5th 2017

Micro-revolutions happen everyday, they’re just so miniature we can’t see them. A Song an Hour presents a cycle of literal micro-revolutions: one performer for one hour sings one song of their choice over and over until the hour is finished (program length: 4 hours/4 performers). A Song an Hour is a live mixtape for the Andy Warhol Instagram filter age: repetition and endurance—long a bedfellow for the market and critical but complicit art strategies—is put under a literal spotlight and surrogated through the simple act of song. When we sing the same thing over and over again, can we accidentally stumble upon a new note, a new gesture, a new moment, a new economy?

Performers include Alejandro Acierto, Jesse Malmed, Jimmy Schaus, Liz McCarthy, with an accompanying self-published book of essays and ephemera.

This event is part of 2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL

2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL is moveable feast of artist-run events, projects, exhibitions, and performances that shine a light on the occult, hidden nature of alternative arts practices and the communities of care that spring up around them. The 2017 edition of 2nd Floor Rear kicks off with a dinner party on the evening of Friday, February 3, continues on Saturday, February 4, with events throughout Avondale, Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and Wicker Park, and wraps up wraps up on Sunday, February 5, with events spanning Pilsen and Little Village. Over 125 Chicago artists, curators, organizers, and venues are participating in 35 events.

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