Jan 12th 2017


Join us for a moderated Oxford-style debate, in which two teams will argue both for and against the following resolution:

“In this political climate, artists should put down their brushes and take to the streets.”

As we enter this new political paradigm with a Trump presidency and ascendent white-supremacist voices, how do artists, art administrators, and creatives best respond? To where do we funnel our finite resources of time, energy, and money? Does art for art’s sake provide an outlet to discuss the state of the nation and produce new images to rally around? Or should artists step out of their studios and take an active role in the demonstrations, protests, and organizing necessary to combat the potential horrors of this new reign?

Here we gather together as a community to discuss means for eliciting change. Talented artists who are all politically engaged and personally affected by the recent election will debate the merits of working as artists, activists, or both.

Jason Pallas, whose work is on display in the gallery’s current show Sapphire, will moderate the debate. Debators will include artists James Britt, Jaclyn Jacunski, Amina Ross, and Lisa Vinebaum.


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