Jan 14th 2017

Here. End. After_

@ KCC Art Gallery

9930 Capitol Dr, Wheeling, IL 60090

Opening Saturday, January 14th, from 4PM - 8PM

On view through Tuesday, January 31st

Artists from SAIC will be showing their artwork at the KCCOC Gallery.  The artwork genres contain photography, paintings, and installation art.

My sculptural work explores the composition of our contemporary environment through points of intersection between organic nature and the formulated landscapes of civilization. The natural characteristics of water, trees and earth are observed through experimental interactions with concrete, metal and other fabricated objects. I present a circumstance in which elements of nature are contradicted, mimicked, controlled, united or coordinated with anthropogenic technology in the form of sculptural installation. The degree of abstraction and minimalist restriction exhibited blurs the line of the real and surreal in search of deeper existential truths. My objective is to discover realms of structural balance throughout the aesthetic, physical and psychological dynamics of human presence within the natural world.

Through my photographic image, individual’s desire for natural world is presented by capturing the moments of uninterrupted peaceful state. Often using an angle and light to create seemingly out of scale or muted color of imagery, the photograph creates subtle dream like state of our interaction with nature.

My focus is in painting and drawing informed by installation, architecture and color theory. The use of geometric shapes and clean compositions makes my paintings freely crossover between fine art and graphic design. I aim for all my paintings to formally investigate color, composition, and space.

I am a multidisciplinary artist primarily working with Fiber. Using the language of sculpture, my works explore the idea of labor and practicality of architectural space and daily products. The repetitive labor brings in the presence of human remnants. I am exploring the idea of human occupancy in architectural thresholds, the absence of a body in space, and the reversal of the material or object qualities.

My interest is in making “little world” paintings. I make abstract paintings that create a bridge between the real world and my imaginative world. In my drawings and paintings, I see similar shapes that are from what I encounter in daily life.

We are fickle. Even if the world around us doesn’t change, our daily perception of it can shift based on our internal selves. Our experiences, emotions, thoughts, environments, whimsy, can all influence our perception of a singular moment. The atmosphere of the paintings transforms and begins to tell a story of a different experience, a different reality, and a different daily.

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