Jan 7th 2017

Bending The Truth

@ Perspective Gallery

1310-1/2B Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Opening Saturday, January 7th, from 5PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, January 29th

Bending The Truth, featuring the work of: Pamela Bannos, Yvette Marie Dostatni, Jennifer Greenburg, Saverio Truglia

What are we to believe? In this era of fake news and “post-truth” we struggle to determine what is fact and what is fabrication. In the digital age, the proletariat is possessed of a digital printing press which allows distribution of misinformation indistinguishable from trusted news sources. This has the effect, on some, of giving a false perception of current events. For others, this brings the very nature of fact into question.

Bending The Truth features the work of four photographic artists whose work embraces fiction while never completely leaving fact behind. Yvette Marie Dostatni trains her documentary lens on people attending conventions and leaving reality behind as they create their own. Saverio Truglia makes portraits in which an exterior dreamlike scene reveals the truth of inner identity. Pamela Bannos seeks to alter perceptions of narrative within found photographs of the past. And Jennifer Greenburg mines found imagery in order to find herself, or her doppelganger, in another era.

With each artist’s work the audience may ask if they are looking at a reality or a fiction. Or in whose mind does the truest picture form: the photographer, the subject, or the viewer?

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