Nov 11th 2016

Kristin Mariani: Material Becomes the Thing

@ Aron Packer Projects at Space 900

1042 Wesley Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

Opening Friday, November 11th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, November 13th

We are very excited to feature Kristin Mariani as our next project based exhibition. Mariani is a great stretch on our fiber continuum, as she works in something that sometimes qualifies as embroidery, but really pushes the boundaries of what working in cloth might be. Using pulled thread as line, she cross hatches her way to variations in identical and varied compositions. We will show 3 horizontal formats on canvas or board, segregated each to it’s own wall, along with a large-scale variation on canvas in a vertical format. The white cube of Space 900 will be a perfect venue to analyze this subtle work. We hope you can attend the artist’s reception. There will also be an artist’s talk on Sunday, November 13th at 3 PM.

Artist Statement

My practice is an ongoing discourse between art and design. I acknowledge the unstable distinctions between the two disciplines, and my investigations unfold in this unstable territory, continually questioning how the body is figured through fashion, place, and labor.

Dressmakers are often confined to small spaces, small motor skills, mechanical cycles and repetitive processes. Handiwork is concealed in the inner linings of a garment. I don’t always want to stay inside of a dress. How can I use my skill set to address other spaces that the body occupies? How can I build coherent relationships from disparate parts? How can I connect the flow of raw material in my studio to a larger material stream and thought process?

Line is the fundamental element in my stitched drawings for Material Becomes the Thing, as line is the fundamental structure of cloth and dressmaking. It exists as a filament, a fabric grain, a tracing, a seam, a hem, and an opening. My raw material for this work is a by-product of my dressmaking process and comes in parts. Thread is my connective device to reintegrate cloth fragments and garment remnants into coherent visual relationships. I structure through needlework a crosshatch of materials to establish a new value to what is typically discarded, a new surface to reveal what is commonly concealed in the facades of fashion.

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