Oct 29th 2016

“Unfurling & Art Conversation”
Saturday October 29th

Starting at 2pm, artists Amy Regutti(making a special trip from Madison), Cara Therrio, Carla Winterbottom and Sara Peak Convery will present an artist panel on “Paint / Collage / Process”, discussing their work in current exhibition “The World as Always and Never Imagined”. The exhibit will continue through January 28th.

In addition to the artist panel, Convery’s large canvas (seen in picture) will be unfurled for display. Due to size, it is not on view except at special events such as this one.

About the Artists:

Carla Winterbottom, artist and curator, has been very involved to the Chicago and NW Indiana art scene for since completing her MFA from Northern Illinois University. She was director of the Beverly Art Center prior to her work with the newly formed not for profit Beverly Arts Alliance. Using paint and collage, Winterbottom’s compositions ,”try to convey a sense of wonder and unease by using distortion and a playful disintegration of form.”

A constant student of art, Cara Therrio is currently working in photo collage with an interest in patterns and repetition in nature and manmade symbols. An avid reader of comic books and her later work as a language arts teacher influenced her use of narrative strands that she develops through second and third layers of collage. She has exhibited most recently at Perkolator Coffee House and the Austin-Irving Library on the northwest side of Chicago.

Amy Regutti says of her artwork:
“In the future humans will only persist through fragments of their DNA that was used to modify other species and build service robots. My art explores the traces of our humanity in a post human world.” Amy Regutti is active in the Madison art scene and a regular participant in Paul Henry group shows. She sells her work online through redbubble.com. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA and from The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters of Science.

Sara Peak Convery is a Chicago based artist, filmmaker, and more recently, curator. Her artwork has long been tied to specific family history – revisiting images in various media, re-creating photographs of family or familiar scenes. As with her documentary “I Never Said I Wasn’t Happy” (2013) which incorporated many of her photographs and paintings completed over a 25 year period, her recent large-scale installation/paintings create new work using remnants of older works. Convery received her MFA in Photography from University of Illinois at Chicago.

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