Oct 8th 2016

Ours Is Not The Only Planet Earth Has Been

@ Ballroom Projects

3012 S. Archer Ave #3

Opening Saturday, October 8th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, October 29th

Ballroom Projects is very pleased to bring you “Ours Is Not The Only Planet Earth Has Been” presented by Earthbound Moon

“Ours Is Not The Only Planet Earth Has Been” is an archive from the offices and studios of the arts collaborative, Earthbound Moon, NFP (EbM). The 6 members of EbM constitute a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to terraforming the planet Earth, transforming it into a sculpture garden over the course of the next 23 generations.

The exhibition explores the group’s recent history, the more distant history which laid the foundation for their work, their near-future plans, and their longer-term goals, including the manipulation of bosons to introduce an information artwork into the gravitational ripples forming the cosmic microwave background radiation of the next universe following when this universe ends in approximately 101000 years.

In order to terraform planet Earth, EbM use several tactics, from the predictable — the acquisition of land for the installation of site-specific sculptures to create a non-contiguous sculpture garden, to the fanciful — the declaration of all abandoned umbrellas on Earth as readymade art objects in situ. In between they pursue a variety of strategies, including developing a school curricula eventually to be available as a mooc; establishing a traveling exhibit exchange program for small museums and cultural centers; documenting temporal alephs across the globe; building a permanent collection of art to populate a non-contiguous traveling exhibit; declaring all of their properties commons owned by the local communities; coordinating diverse art projects to engage their sites through a non-contiguous salon; documenting a community passing into ghost town; and installing a space elevator with a second moon to serve as a temporary sculpture garden while Earth is terraformed.

At their most practical they incorporated in 02016 in order to engage life and earth over the same timescales as the other drivers of major planetary change, multinationals with long term business interests.


Opening October 8 and running through October 29

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