Oct 14th 2016

Join us on Friday, October 14th for the opening of ‘Man…The Times…Man’, a group show that explores the amazing moment that we are living in. The show features work from Ethan Stuart, Tiptoe, Javier Mayoral, Erik Lundquist, Laura English, That jackass Dont Fret, Pizza In The Rain, Left Handed Wave, Dan Hojnacki, Jourdon Gullett, Kate Lewis and Yarrow Slaps.

If the title “Man…The Times…Man” sounds familliar, it should. The first show we put on in Maxwellcolette’s Ashland Ave space was a solo show by Don’t Fret by the same name. After speaking with him about the parallells between these perilous times and those dark times five years ago we decided that revisiting the name and some of the show’s themes was appropriate. Or maybe it is meta or a timely callback or something. Or maybe not, whatever…

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