Oct 11th 2016

Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art

@ Co-Prosperity Sphere

3219 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Tuesday, October 11th, from 7PM - 11PM

On view through Saturday, October 15th

The Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art, is a unique series of readings, conversations, and performances featuring renowned authors and visual artists from the US and Mexico. This five-day festival takes place in venues throughout Chicago, October 11-15, 2016. Visit www.litluz.com and this post for complete details! #litluz

Headliners include Mexican writers Daniel Saldaña París, Gabriela Jauregui, and Guadalupe Nettel, along with visual artist Jorge Méndez Blake and Lit & Luz writer in residence Luis Felipe Fabre. Lit & Luz: Anti-Static: A Live Magazine Extravaganza
will feature debut multimedia collaborations between the artists.
In Spanish and English.

For a full list of Lit & Luz Festival events, visit www.litluz.com! #litluz

All venues all wheelchair accessible. For visual and audio accommodations, please contact nuria@makemag.org.

The Lit & Luz Festival is presented by MAKE Literary Productions in collaboration with generous partners and sponsors. http://litluz.com/sponsors-partners/

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Tuesday, October 11

Señal Night Poetry Reading (7 p.m. at Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine)

Wednesday, October 12

Reading with Writer and Critic Gabriela Jauregui (4:15 p.m. at 8th Floor Writing Wing, White Box Studio 803 at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 116 S Michigan Ave)

On Translation: a Discussion with Writer-Translators (7 p.m. at Sector 2337)

Thursday, October 13

Zona Abierta Series Artist Talk w/ Jorge Méndez Blake (3:30 p.m. at Rafael Cintron-Ortiz Latino Cultural Center, UIC)

Reading and Conversation with Novelist Daniel Saldaña (5 p.m. at Roosevelt University)

Community Open House at ACRE (6 p.m. at ACRE)

Friday, October 14

Reading and Conversation with Writer Guadalupe Nettel (12 p.m. at Katz Center for Mexican Studies at the University of Chicago)

Visual Artists Jorge Méndez Blake and Dianna Frid (5 p.m. at DePaul Art Museum)

Saturday, October 15

Anti-Static: A Live Magazine Extravaganza (8 p.m. at Co-Prosperity Sphere)

The Participants

Alejandro Albarrán (Mexico City 1985) is a Mexican poet, musician and conceptual artist. He has published Ruido (Mexico City: Bonobos, 2012) and Tengo un Pulmón Que no es el Cielo (FETA, La Ceibita, 2014). He works with textual, visual and sound poetry

Alejandro Albarrán (Ciudad de México 1985) es poeta, músico y artista conceptual mexicano. Ha publicado Ruido (Ciudad de México: Bonobos, 2012) y Tengo un pulmón que no es el cielo (FETA, La Ceibita, 2014). Trabaja con poesía textual, visual y de sonido.

Alexis Almeida, of Denver, has poems, translations, essays, and interviews published in TYPO, Denver Quarterly, Heavy Feather Review, and elsewhere. She is an Assistant Editor at Asymptote and performs with the poets’ theater group GASP.

Alexis Almeida, de Denver, tiene poemas, traducciones, ensayos y entrevistas publicados en TYPO, Denver Quarterly, Heavy Feather Review, entre otros. Es asistente editorial en Asymptote y actúa con el grupo de poesía GASP.

Jessica Anne is a writer and theatre artist in Chicago. Her book A Manual for Nothing is forthcoming via Noemi Press. She’s an alumna of the Neo Futurist ensemble (2006-2012) and she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University. She’s also a co-curator of Lit Crawl Chicago and the nonfiction editor of MAKE.

Jessica Anne es escritora y artista de teatro en Chicago. Su libro, A Manual for Nothing, será publicado por Noemi Press. Es exalumna del grupo teatral Neo Futurist (2006-2012) y tiene una Maestría de las Bellas Artes en escritura creativa de la Universidad de Roosevelt. Es co-curadora de Lit Crawl Chicago y es editora de la selección de prosa no narrativa de MAKE.

Susannah Bielak’s work has been widely exhibited and collected, including by the International Print Center, Luis Adelantado Mexico, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, among many. Awards include the Highpoint Jerome Fellowship, Jerome Visual Arts Fellowship, and many more. She is the Associate Director of Engagement and Curator of Public Practice at the Block Museum at Northwestern.

El trabajo de Susannah Bielak ha sido ampliamente mostrado y colecionado, incluyendo por el International Print Center, Luis Adelantado México, el San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, entre muchos otros. Reconocimientos incluyen la beca Highpoint Jerome, la beca Jerome Visual Arts, y muchos más. Es directora asociada de fidelidad y curadora de la práctica pública en el Block Museum de Northwestern.

Daniel Borzutzky grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of Chilean heritage. His recent books of poetry are The Ecstasy of Capitulation (2007), The Book of Interfering Bodies (2011), and The Performance of Becoming Human (2016), which was recently longlisted by the National Book Awards. He is the Intercambio Poetry Editor for MAKE.

Daniel Borzutzky crecio en Pittsburgh, Pennsulvania, de herencia chilena. Sus recientes libros de poesía son The Ecstasy of Capitulation (2007), The Book of Interfering Bodies (2011), y The Performance of Becoming Human (2016). Es el editor de poesía de Intercambio de MAKE.

Florencia Castellano is the author of Un ruiseñor completamente blanco and Relieves de dispersión. She edited the anthologies Quedar en lo cantado. Antología de poesía argentina y dominicana and Un libro oscuro: 106 poemas negros. Castellano teaches literature in high school and at the Universidad Di Tella in Buenos Aires.

Florencia Castellano es la autora de Un ruiseñor completamente blanco y Relieves de dispersión. Editó las antologías Quedar en lo cantado: antología de poesía argentina y dominicana y Un libro oscuro: 106 poemas negros. Castellano imparte clases de literatura en preparatorias y en la Universidad Di Tella en Buenos Aires.

Dianna Frid is an artist working at the intersection of text and textile. Her sculptures, installations, artists’ books and mixed-media works have been shown nationally and internationally. Born in Mexico City, Frid currently lives in Chicago. She is an Associate Professor in the Art Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Luis Felipe Fabre is a poet and critic based in Mexico City. He has published a volume of essays and poetry collections. Recent books of poetry include Poemas de terror y de misterio (2013) and Sor Juana and Other Monsters (2015). The latter was translated by John Pluecker and has been published by Ugly Duckling Presse.

Luis Felipe Fabre es poeta y crítico radicante en la Ciudad de México. Publicó una colección de ensayos y colecciones de poesía. Recientes libros de poesía incluyen Poemas de terror y misterio (2013) y Sor Juana y otros monstruos (2015). Este último fue traducido por John Pluecker y ha sido publicada por Ugly Ducklin Presse.

Amanda Gutiérrez’s artworks often take the form of a dialogue, seeking to consider and, ultimately, to record the experience and memory of immigrants in the process of converting a city or foreign nation into their home. She is currently a PhD candidate in contemporary art studies at the University of Girona.

La producción artítica de Amanda Gutiérrez a menudo toma la forma de un diálogo, buscando considerar y, finalmente, grabar la experiencia y la memoria de inmigrantes en proceso de convertir a una ciudad o nación forense en su hogar. Actualmente es estudiante de posgrado de estudios de arte contemporanea en la Universidad de Girona.

Gabriela Jauregui’s recent works include Leash Seeks Lost Bitch (The Song Cave/Sexto Piso, 2015) and a short story collection, La memoria de las cosas (Sexto Piso, 2015), She works as a correspondent for various cultural publications including the BBC World Service’s Cultural Frontline, Witte de With’s Review, Art Forum, Art Review and others.

Las recientes producciones de Gabriela Jauregui incluyen Leash Seeks Lost Bitch (The Song Cave/Sexto Piso, 2015) y una colección de cuentos cortos, La memoria de las cosas (Sexto Piso, 2015). Se desempeña como corresponsal para varias publicaciones culturales incluyendo el Cultural Frontline del BBC World Service, Witte de With’s Review, Art Forum, Art Review, entre otros.

Pablo Katchadjian is the author of several books of poetry and the novels, including La libertad total (Bajo la luna), Gracias (Blatt & Ríos), among many. His work has been translated into English, French, and Hebrew, and La libertad total was adapted as an opera and staged at the Teatro San Martín in 2014.

Pablo Katchadjian es el autor de varios libros de poesía y de novelas incluyendo, La libertad total (bajo la luna), Gracias (Blatt & Ríos), entre otros. Su obra ha sido traducida al inglés, frances, y hebreo, y La libertad total fue adaptada a opera y presentada en el Teatro San Martín en 2014.

Brenda Lozano’s first novel, Todo nada (Tusquets, 2009), is being adapted for the cinema, and Cuaderno ideal (Alfaguara, 2014) is her second. She lives in Mexico City. She edits the Spanish fiction in translation section of MAKE magazine.

La primera novella de Brenda Lozano, Todo nada (Tusquets, 2009), está siendo adaptada al cine, y Cuaderno ideal (Alfaguara, 2014) es su segunda novela. Vive en la Ciudad de México. Edita la sección de ficción en español de MAKE.

Jorge Méndez Blake explores the possible connections between literature, visual arts and architecture, fusing different historic and geographical elements, provoking new lectures on the paper of language and history. He has focused his work in the research of the idea of the library, understood as a fragile and contradictory structure.

Jorge Méndez Blake explora las posibles conexiones entre la literatura, las artes visuales, y la arquitectura, mezclando distintos elementos históricos y geográficos, provocando nuevas lecturas sobre el papel del lenguaje y la historia. Ha enfocado una gran parte de su obra en el estudio de la idea de la biblioteca como una estructura frágil y contradictoria.

Guadalupe Nettel’s many awards include Herralde Novel Prize, Gilberto Owen National Literature Prize, and the Antonin Artaud Prize among others. Her much-acclaimed titles Natural Histories (7 Stories Press, NY) and The Body Where I Was Born (7 Stories Press, NY) have been translated into English. She lives and works in Mexico City.

Los numerosos premios prestigiosos que ha recibido Guadalupe Nettel incluyen el Premio Herralde de Novela, el Premio Nacional de Cuentos Gilberto Owen, el premio Antonin Artaud, entre otros. Sus muy destacados libros Natural Histories (7 Stories Press NY) y The Body Where I Was Born (7 Stories Press NY) han sido traducidos al inglés. Vive y trabaja en la Ciudad de México.

John Pluecker is a writer, interpreter, translator and co-founder of the language justice and literary experimentation collaborative Antena. His works include the translations Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border (Duke University Press) and a recent book of poetry and image, Ford Over.

John Pluecker es escritor, interprete, traductor y cofundador de Antena, una colaborativa de experiementación literaria y de justicia lingüistica. Sus obras incluyen las traducciones Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border (Duke University Press) y un reciente libro de poesía e imagines, Ford Over.

Daniel Saldaña París is an essayist, poet and novelist born in Mexico City. He is the author of Among Strange Victims, translated from the Spanish by Christina MacSweeney and published in the US by Coffee House Press. He lives in Montreal.

Daniel Saldaña París es ensayista, poeta y novelista nacido en la Ciudad de México. Es el autor de En medio de extrañas víctimas, traducido del español por Christina MacSweeney y publicado en Estados Unidos por Coffee House Press. Vive en Montreal.

Fred Schmalz’s writings have appeared in Compendium, Spinning Jenny, Conduit, Pinwheel, ACM, Chicago Artists Resource, among others. His performances collaborate with dancers, artists, and musicians. His field guide Claes Oldenburg’s Festival of Living Objects was published for a series of gallery walks by the Walker Art Center in 2013.

La obra de Fred Schmalz ha aparecido en Compendium, Spinning Jenny, Conduit, Pinwheel, ACM, Chicago Artists Resource, among others. Sus representaciones colaboran con danzantes, artistas, y músicos. Su guía de campo Claes Oldenburg’s Festival of Living Objects fue publicada para una serie de paseos de galerías por el Walker Art Center en 2013.

Rebekah Smith teaches at LaGuardia Community College, edits at Ugly Duckling Presse, and usually lives in Brooklyn.

Rebekah Smith imparte clases en LaGuardia Community College, edita en Ugly Duckling Presse, y usualmente vive en Brooklyn.

Vu Tran was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1975 and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His critically acclaimed debut novel, Dragonfish, was published in 2015. He teaches at the University of Chicago.

Vu Tran nacio en Saigon, Vietnam en 1975 y crecio en Tulsa, Oklahoma. Su aclamada primera novela, Dragonfish, fue publicada en 2015. Imparte clases en la Universidad de Chicago.

Stalina Emmanuelle Villarreal is a Mexican and Chicana poet, and a translator. Her work appears in Papeles de Manscupia, El Vértigo de los Aires: Encuentro Iberoamericano en el Centro Histórico 2009, and Her Kind, among many others. Her visual poetry was exhibited at University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum in Spring 2014.

Stalina Emmanuelle Villarreal es poeta y traductora Mexicana y chicana. Su trabajo aparece en Papeles de Manscupia, El Vértigo de los Aires: Encuentro Iberoamericano en el Centro Histórico 2009, Her Kind, entre muchas otras. Su poesía visual ha sido mostrada en el Blaffer Art Museum de la Universidad de Houston en el verado de 2014.

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