Sep 15th 2016

Traci Fowler: Sweet Relief

@ Spears

3142 S Lituanica Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Thursday, September 15th, from 7PM - 9PM

“Humor is extremely important” to Traci Fowler. Fat, queer and chronically ill, Fowler explores the intersections of these identities with the backdrop of the 21st century and the carnal fleshy reality that often lies hidden behind our cuter, curated internet selves.

Playing extensively with the body, Fowler’s sculptures are stuffed and looping, soft and light, the mass feeling full rather than heavy. Articles of clothing and furry handcuffs betray the restricted movement produced by the complicit physical and ideological bondage we wrap around our skin. A sweaty palmed, white knuckled grip of a smart phone there to capture the rollercoaster of understanding (or ignoring) how these ideas manifest in daily life.

Fowler’s fat, queer, and ill objects allow us to laugh at the absurdities of our selves and push us to accept and validate all of our beautiful bodies. Laughter releasing us from the pain often contained within them.

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