Sep 15th 2016

Process: Six Artists In Context

@ Pavilion Antiques and 20th century design

2055 N Damen Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647

Opening Thursday, September 15th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, September 25th

Pavilion 20thC presents an intriguing group of five artists, where process is an underlying theme, the integral link between concept and creation.
The processes of additive and reductive, layering and repetition or the stripping away of chosen materials, iterations of patterns and space, create new languages, as a way to comment on life.

This exhibition includes, sculpture, painting, drawing and furniture, shown in Pavilion’s curated collection of French and Italian 20th century design, allowing for the ability to view the work within an historical context.

Hannah Vaughan, Eric Guhsee, Elliot Bergman, Lukas Machnik, Cleveland Dean, Laura Prieto-Velasco.

Pavilion continues its ongoing dialogue between the historical design and the contemporary.

This event will continue during Expo Art Chicago September 19-25 and will be open for Art After Hours 2016 September 23, 6-9 pm

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