Sep 17th 2016

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An eccentric afternoon program starring the prized pets that inspired the work of these twin-brother underground cinema legends. From George’s early 8mm home movies of the family dog (BOCKO IN THE BRONX) to Mike’s adoring portrait of their tuxedo cat (LILY), “Furry Friends” brings together eight pictures spanning 40 years. The sweet and singular nature of human/animal friendship is on display in THE MONGRELOID, George’s 16mm love-letter to his treasured mutt, Bocko. Bocko again appears in Mike’s rarely screened FUR OF THE FIELD, a pastoral take on the afternoon dog walk. In his later series of “video diaries,” George’s cast of cats take center stage as confidantes, sparring partners, and objects of study.

Complete program: BOCKO IN THE BRONX (George Kuchar, 1967, 5 min.); THE MONGRELOID (George Kuchar, 1978, 9 min.); LILY (Mike Kuchar, 2003, 5 min.); CAT HOUSE (George Kuchar, 2007, 24 min.); SEASON OF SORROW (George Kuchar, 1996, 12 min.); KNOCTURNE (George Kuchar, 1968, 10 min.); LUMPS OF JOY (George Kuchar, 2004, 14 min.); FUR OF THE FIELD (Mike Kuchar, 1973, 8 min.). Presented in partnership with Iceberg Projects and Video Data Bank. This screening is in conjunction with “George Kuchar: Bocko,” an exhibition at Iceberg Projects on display from September 17-October 30, 2016. Various formats. (Jordan Stein)

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