Aug 26th 2016

A Collaborative effort between a lot of Humans… Brand new garments and a few of the greatest hits…sent down the “runway” to the sounds of the Bucket Boys of Chicago, followed by performances, and ending the night with some groovy tunes…Each piece is based on intuition, sketches, my personal “research” of what is around me, my tube top collection, and the people in my life who have inspired me to create and deserve to be elevated because of their relentless individuality and exemplary approach to carrying out the human condition…I would like this show to encourage people to be courageous and see that there is a world of options out there and to recognize the power in being a supportive community of thinkers and creative people who help each other shine…it is also vital that everything has pockets…
Upstanding citizens and performers include:
Bon Bon
Ariel Zetina
London Jade
Lisa Claire Greene
Monica (my sister)
Kate Poulos
Foxy West
Zachary Shay Huber
Lucy Stoole
Peyton Brown
Alessa Schmalbach
Jordyn Ridner
Toyota Corona
Molly Hewitt
Tye Jackson Scott Hoag
Marti Shoshan
James DiGillio
Michael ‘mad dog’ Mancuso
Erin Delaney
Egon Schiele
Daniella De Luna
Jenny Wigton
Ellery Chalmers
Abhjeet Rane
Heather Ranken

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