Jul 1st 2016

VICO, videoclub of expanded operation

@ ACRE TV [nid:214283]

Opening Friday, July 1st, from 12AM - 12AM

On view through Sunday, July 31st

Programmed by Raul Benitez
A project started by Chloé Fricout and Javier Toscano (elvico.net)

VICO is a dynamic device, a portable mini-archive of video that has been activated through different tasks and in different environments. As it was launched, it was articulated over a nomadic chassis that traveled to different places for its exhibition and operation. It then became an interpersonal hub, linking institutions and individuals, with the aim of researching current artistic audiovisual practices, the conformation of local identities, media-based political expressions and other sociocultural configurations of the mediasphere. Its objective has been to study and affect in different forms the cultural inertias of a collective visual memory in Mexico.

The project started in 2011 and is based in Mexico City. The VICO has been steered by a small troupe that includes the initiators, and a group of designers and programmers. It works both on the territory of the visual arts, and approaches communities with a given interest in contemporary media (students from different fields, social activists and other engaged citizens). All the materials included in the project comply with a Creative Commons license, so that all the faculties on sharing, donating, distributing and screening can be openly managed.

During the month of July ACRE TV will air moving image works from the VICO archive featuring:

July 1 – 10 // Simon Gerbaud, Marcela Armas, Guillermo Amato, Sarah Minter, Mauricio, Ricardo Harispuru, Vinny Morales-Kultnation, Ulises R. Fierro N., Ivan Edeza, Amanda Gutiérrez, Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Viumasters, Javier Toscano, Giberto Esparza, Diana Ma.Gonzalez Colmenero, Artemio and Raul Luna, Afredo Salomon, Enrique Arriga, Carlos Ivan, Iris Diaz, Javies Ocampo, Paola Gallardo, Ollin Miranda, Irene Valenti, Hazel Boyer

July 11 – 20 // Enrique Maravar, Karenina G.M, Roberto Lopez, Jhonny Trujillo, Bruno Varela, Tania Candiani, Juanpablo Avendano and Jorge Perez Escamilla, Omar Casillas, Jose Antonio Vega Macotela, Paola Godinez, Esteban Azuela, Victor Martinez Diaz, Carolina Alba, Gitte Bog, Daniel Toca, Simon Gerbaud, Josue Vazquez, Andres Padilla

July 21 – 31 // Edgar Gopar, Chole Fricout, Javier Toscano, Carla N Martinez, Hector Jimenez, Osmara Gamez, Dulce Rosas, Jimena Vidal, Emil Garcia, Erika Loana, Senor N, David Moreno Ramirez, Carlos Cruz and Grisel Castro, Alicia Fernandez, Alejandro Rosado, David Mariscal

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