Jul 8th 2016

The last remaining & accessible comfort station in Chicago turned public art space inspired ROVERS. This multimedia event is about movers, migrants and wanderers. It explores notions around migration, diaspora, in-between spaces, transit, transcience, cartography, itinerance, transnational movements, border politics, and nomadism. It’s not without reasons that nomads have been feared and persecuted in the modern era (and to this day). Their movements, relationship to space and land (a relation of use vs. property), has been a threat to the State structure and the political power as it exists and is understood within these structures.

ROVERS is also about communications as the exploration/navigation of waterways and land in order to connect across vast spaces -as well as to conquer- as worked hand in hand with the development of nation-States and therefore the reinforcement of borders. At last, ROVERS is about navigators of virtual spaces and perhaps time travellers, even.

ROVERS is a 2 short evenings program
Friday July 8th (performance, visual art & videos) & Saturday July 9th: screening “Roving into the Future” with film curator Amir George (see upcoming FB event)

***Confirmed artists***

Video/sound pieces & short films:
Chelsea Welch
Nellie Klutz
Eryka Dellenbach
Abena Motaboli

Alba Soto, Patricia La Tiranta & Alejandro Sie
Jose Perez
Greg Gillam

Installation/visual art:
Abena Motaboli
Tim Porter

This event is free. Donations welcomed of course!

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