May 21st 2016

Two-Day Workshop: Make Your Own JUMPSUIT

@ Hyde Park Art Center

5020 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60615

Opening Saturday, May 21st, at 11am

On view through Sunday, May 22nd

Join The Rational Dress Society and Hyde Park Art Center for a two-day workshop where you’ll learn to construct a JUMPSUIT of your very own. This event is free, but please bring your own sewing machine and three yards of woven fabric of your choice.


Day One: May 21 from 11am – 5pm
Day Two: May 22nd from 11am – 5pm.

JUMPSUIT is disseminated in two forms, as a premade garment and an open-source pattern, available to download free of charge. Rooted in the visual language of denim and the history of work-wear, JUMPSUIT imagines the possibility of an egalitarian garment, liberated from the signifiers of class, race and gender that inscribe our usual relation to clothes. JUMPSUIT aims to accommodate 248 different body sizes, using non-gendered terminology. The design draws on histories of revolutionary fashion, from the Sans-culotte movement of the early 19th century, to the Futurist Tuta of the 1910’s. JUMPSUIT accommodates a wide variety of body types while preserving a manufactured sameness among individual wearers, thus drawing upon histories of feminist and utopian garment design.

JUMPSUIT is a wearable garment, but it is also a conversation – a collective reimagining of our relationship to dress. To this end, the Rational Dress Society organzes lectures, performances, and make-your-own-JUMPSUIT workshops in order to facilitate public debate around questions of fashion, identity and consumption.

The Rational Dress Society is a counter-fashion collective founded by Chicago-based designer Abigail Glaum-Lathbury and Los Angeles-based artist Maura Brewer. Together they produce JUMPSUIT, an open source, ungendered monogarment to replace all clothes in perpetuity. We believe that the rejection of choice (otherwise defined as the yoke of relentless consumption within the capitalist paradigm) might open us up to new possibilities and better ways of living. What if you never had to pick out an outfit again?

For more details or inquiries about supplies, email Ariel Gentalen at

For more information about JUMPSUIT & The Rational Dress Society, visit

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