May 25th 2016

Impossible Biology is the 3rd installment of the Her Environment Series. This theme explores myths about what happens inside of your body, social constructs made up about your physical or mental body, fables about the processes of earth and nature, and technologies that interpret nature. Many established scientific theories have been disproven as philosophies and ideologies change.

Her Environment is an exploratory series seeking to create a synthesis between time based and object based media. It is about highlighting black & brown artists working in digital media. It’s about deleting separations between mediums. It’s about promoting experimentation and creating genre dissonance. It’s about drawing inspiration from the tiny details in our environment. sound/ Installation/ performance/ writing/ light/ sculpture/ (+ more)

5-10 dollar donation at the door to go towards compensating participating artists, no one will be turned away.

Iryne Roh- Los Angeles CA
Elgee King- Chicago IL
Chanhee Choi- Chicago IL
Daphne Edgren- Chicago IL
Olive Panter- Chicago IL
Chloe Cucinotta- Chicago IL
Paige Madden- Salida CO
Zeynab Ghandour- Chicago IL
Kailyn Slater- Chicago IL
Tikva Lantigua- Michigan

Puck Verkade- London UK
Alia Pathan- London UK
Julia Gladstone- Brooklyn NY
Zachary Hutchinson- Chicago IL
Shawné Michaelain Holloway- Paris FR
Sunny Stanila- Montreal CA
Inbal Palombo- Chicago IL
Cavenaw and Cavenis- The Ether
Kayle Karbowski- Milwaukee WI

Lyra Hill – Chicago IL

Rivka Yeker- Chicago IL

Natalia Nicholson- Chicago IL

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