May 8th 2016

Here is the project description from Hume’s new artist-in-residence, Chiara Galimberti:

In “FILL IN THE BLANK” I am attempting to engage in a dialogue about social categorization. I will be affixing stickers at Hume and around Chicago with prompts such as “Being a woman/man/Chicagoan/American/ Black/white/latino today means…” both in English and Spanish, inviting people to fill in the blank space with their answers.
My hope is to create an opportunity for reflection about the categories we are thrusted into in our everyday lives. Part of the impetus for this project is my experience as an immigrant, and someone that had to learn to navigate American social categories from scratch.
The prompt answers will be documented and published online at
You can participate by filling in the prompts at HUME, sticking them around town, or uploading snapshots to #fillintheblank.

Come to Hume to FILL IN THE BLANK and share some food that makes you feel whole! There will be food and drink to share, but feel free to bring your own.

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