May 20th 2016

Broadcast from a Serpent-Headed Spaceship is an experimental lecture that uses the Aztec, Mexican, and South American portions of the University of Chicago’s glass slide collection to investigate historical and contemporary feelings of estrangement, alienation, and magical thinking as understood on both sides of the colonial encounter. The images, manipulated and animated, are invested with new forms of futurity and potentiality as they function along side recitations of Latinx science fiction, magical realism, and other historical documents that express awe and wonder at the possibilities of the New World—possibilities that ultimately end in trauma and irreconcilable destruction. Broadcast from a Serpent-Headed Spaceship takes the form of ficto-historical reenactment, differentially shuffled narrative, and mytho-historical intervention in order to recast both the past and the future as equally open to speculation.

The idea of the Serpent-Headed Spaceship comes from a drawing by Ernest Hogan.

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