May 13th 2016


@ Laura

1535 N Ashland Chicago IL 60622

Opening Friday, May 13th, from 5PM - 9PM

On view through Friday, June 3rd


A solo exhibition featuring works by Charlie Kelman—

There’s a slight irritation in the palm of my right hand. I raise my hand and slowly open my fingers. There, in the center of my palm, is a little splinter. It must be smaller than 1 cm long. At the spot where the splinter rests there is a slow itch that starts to expand, it feels like an ice cube on a hot sidewalk burning away. I rub my finger over the small piece of wood and I feel a slight bump. The sensation goes away for that quick second but returns harsher the moment I take my finger away. I take my nail and slowly try to push the splinter to the surface of my palm. I do this over and over, hoping to free the splinter. The center of my hand is starting to get raw, you can see the color changing to a darker red. The splinter won’t surface and looks to be farther in the palm of my hand. I press my nail harder down hoping to get under the splinter. I do this over and over, hoping to free the splinter. It hurts but the slow itch is more painful. My hand is clammy and I lose a layer of skin, I can barely see the splinter. I can’t stop trying to get it to surface, my hand starts to bleed. I need to get it free. I apply more pressure with my nail, I don’t even know where the splinter is anymore. I do this over and over, hoping to free the splinter.

-recurring dream

Please join us for the opening reception Friday, May 13th from 5-8pm. The show will be open by appointment through June 3rd.

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