Apr 8th 2016

Lillstreet Art Center is proud to celebrate 40 years of cutting-edge exhibitions, exceptional classes, and inspirational community. Founded in September 1975 in a former horse barn on Lill Avenue, a lot of things have changed since we first opened out doors, but our commitment to showcasing some of the best artists in the country has not. Join us as we salute the incredible studio members, residents, exhibiting artists, and teachers who have passed through our doors and made Lillstreet great for the past four decades.

Exhibiting artists include: Chris Garofalo, Dan Anderson, David Trost, Guy Nichol, Harris Deller, Jim Connell, Karen Patinkin, Kate Biderbost, Kate Blacklock, Laurie Shaman, Les Orenstein, Lisa Harris, Marty Cohen, Matt Groves, Melanie Brown, Momoko Usami, Sam Chung, Sandy Simon, Linda Hoffhines, Matthew Dercole, Corinne Peterson, and Eric Jensen.

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