Mar 26th 2016

Zore & Zor Zor Zor: Altered Egos

@ Elephant Room Inc in C.C.'s Art Garage

2727 S Mary Street, Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, March 26th, from 5:30 PM - 9 PM

On view through Saturday, May 21st

“Altered Egos” is an exhibition of brand new works by well-known Chicago Artists Zore & Zor Zor Zor. The works were created specifically for this exhibition set to open on March 26th at Elephant Room’s new gallery location in C.C.’s Art Garage in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. The two artists are exhibiting a large body of work together for the first time in the same neighborhood in which their Chicago studio resides. C.C.’s Art Garage was formerly an auto repair garage and still gives that impression when seen from the exterior. However, upon entering the space through an inconspicuous door marked by only a red elephant, guests are brought into a spacious and unique art gallery. The new gallery space is an exciting addition to Elephant Room’s original South Loop storefront gallery, which is focused on working with Chicago-based emerging artists. It is a collaboration project between Chicago Artist Christie Chew-Wallace, also the building owner, and James and Kimberly Atwood, owners of Elephant Room, Inc.

“We definitely wanted to make an impact with our first exhibition in the new space and working with Zore and Zor Zor Zor, whose work I’ve admired for a while, was a thrilling concept. We are already working with Zor Zor Zor on a solo exhibition for the South Loop location for May and as a result, have been speaking with the pair who share a studio. It was their idea to do a show together and focus on the process of collaborating. The concept would not work for just any gallery space, but after the Bridgeport gallery started to become fully manifested, we knew it would be a perfect fit.” – Kimberly Atwood, owner of Elephant Room.

These two artists both created their ‘names’ with the sole purpose of getting that name ‘up’ everywhere they went. Generations apart, yet hailing from the same city, both artists created a unique style, sealing it: ‘ZOR’. A simple name brought them together as individuals, and a love and passion for creating bonded them together. Instead of bumping heads, their own egos were set aside and replaced by a curiosity toward one another, their names, and their stories. An artist’s work is the most personal thing to them; so what happens when they entrust their works to be fused with another’s? It is all a journey, and experiment, an ancient union revitalized. Now, Zore and Zor Zor Zor, shall work together to create works not only visually striking, but internally moving. By layering, scratching, drawing and painting; by gracefully placing text upon imagery upon urban abstract expression; they will create works unique to themselves as well as intertwined with the influence of the other artist, bringing together the old and the new.

“Altered Egos” will open on Saturday, March 26th with a reception from 5:30 to 9:00pm at C.C.’s Art Garage located at 2727 S Mary St. in the Bridgeport Neighborhood of Chicago. The exhibition will be up through May 21st and guests are invited to view the gallery’s website for open hours or to schedule a viewing appointment.

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