Jan 30th 2016

Present Standard

@ Chicago Cultural Center

78 E. Washington St., Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, January 30th, from 2PM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, April 24th

Guest curated by Edra Soto and Josue Pellot, Present Standard features 25 contemporary artists with Latino Chicago connections. Their works that play with the manifold meanings and forms suggested by the “standard” – as either a flag or a pennant, a measuring tactic or a guiding principle, or a potent symbol of national identity.


Alberto Aguilar
Candida Alvarez
Luis Miguel Bendaña
Paola Cabal
Juan Angel Chavez
Mariano Chavez
Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera
Dianna Frid
Diana Gabriel
Maria Gaspar
Melissa Leandro
José Lerma
Jorge Lucero
Victoria Martinez
Harold Mendez
Sofia Moreno
Nora Nieves
Josue Pellot
Maddie Reyna
Luis Romero
Luis Sahagun
Chris Silva
Edra Soto
Rafael E. Vera

Catalogue essays contributors:

Stephanie Cristello
Alison Fraunhar
Kristin Korolowicz
Teresa Silva

Pablo Helguera: Librería Donceles
January 30–April 24, 2016
Conceived by New York-based artist and educator Pablo Helguera, Librería Donceles is a traveling Spanish-language bookstore. Originating in Brooklyn in 2013 and named in reference to Mexico City’s well-known street of book stalls, the second-hand bookstore has traveled to Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle and draws attention to the dearth of access to books in Spanish.
Garland Gallery, 1st floor

Official Website

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