Nov 21st 2015

New Blood IX

@ Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, November 21st, from 1PM - 10PM

“Body, grief, trial and accomplishments are fragmented hints at this year’s New Blood IX Performance Festival. Queer, movement, death and longing are others. Capturing the spirit of SAIC’s 150th anniversary, the festival explores ideas of history, memory, and archive in the realm of performance and time-based works. How do we think stories of past, present, and future? The participating artists present their investigations in a wide range of personal, historical, technological and socio-relational approaches. We are honored and delighted to present them in a one day intensive.”

– Allen Conkle, Lisa Stertz, and Tongyu Zhao
New Blood IX Student Coordinators, Chicago 2015

Featuring works by Chanhee Choi, Cameron Clayborn, Corzell Cole Sr., Kayla Cook, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Julia Gladstone, Stephanie Gomez, David Hall, Tanya Hong, Emily C. KIssner, Kimo Knowles, John Lincoln-Vogel, List of Grievances, Adrian Lo, Mev Luna, Erica Moran, Lisa Moran, Máire Witt O’Neill, Not Twins, CV Peterson, Joshi Radin, Izah Ransohoff, Emilio Rojas, Maryam Taghavi, Marcela Torres, and Falak Vasa

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