Oct 1st 2015

Rachel Foster

@ D Gallery

Room 700E, 623 S. Wabash, Chicago IL

Opening Thursday, October 1st, from 12PM - 1PM

D Gallery Show Rider

Green Room Will Contain:

One jar organic peanut butter (chunky)
13 dates
One autographed photo of Steve Urkel, star of Family Matters
Small candy dish blue M+M’s
One burned CD with 12 tracks of Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats
One Meat Lovers Tombstone Pizza. (Cooked. Under Warming Light)
All glassware and silverware should be of premium quality
One black numerical combo lock set to 6-6-6
1 BLUE (!) Pax Brand vaporizer charged and full

Gallery Space:

Prepped and freshly painted
13 Natural Light light bulbs – no florescent bulbs!
No less than two but no more than three gangly tattooed preperators

Guest Snacks:

13 La Croix – All pomplamoose
1 large chunk soft brie
1 brick super sharp cheddar
1 modest wheel roguefort
1 generous wheel camembert
6-8 carb-based dippers (crackers, fresh breads, etc)


Rachel Foster is an artist working in Chicago who is currently suffering a manic episode proven by the 197 separate editions of print-based works that have been completed since March. With growing fears of becoming a fire hazard, she makes her works available through a print subscription service available on her website. She is currently a Hatch Resident with the Chicago Artist’s Coalition for 2015.



Screenprint, 2015
Edition of 3

Official Website

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