Oct 24th 2015

Public Utility

@ New Capital

3114 W Carroll Ave. Chicago IL 60612

Opening Saturday, October 24th, from 4PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, October 25th

NEW CAPITAL is re-opening!

Please join us next Saturday, October 24 from 4-7pm for a preview of:
PUBLIC UTILITY, an exhibition and auction benefitting program expenses and amenities to support a broader public. Join us for cocktails, see the works installed in the former gallery, and get a sneak-peak of the new space in progress.

Viewing hours also on Sunday, October 25 from 1 – 4pm.

Bidding ends Tuesday, October 27th 5pm EST on [Paddle8](http://paddle8.com/auction/newcapital/)

Morgan Mandalay
Maddie Reyna
Michael Hunter
Chelsea Culp
Masood Ali Wilbert Warren
Puppies Puppies
Joel Dean
Ben Foch
Charles Harlan
Danny Giles
Francisco Cordero-Oceguera
Sheida Soleimani
John Neff
Donna Huanca
Tim Mann
Emma Robbins
Greg Stimac
Max Warsh
Mindy Rose-Schwartz
Oren Pinhassi
Marcel Alcala
Shane Huffman
Sayre Gomez
Heidi Norton
Erin Jane Nelson & Jason Benson
Erik Frydenborg
Luis Miguel Bendaña
Amanda Ross-Ho
Aron Gent
Andres Laracuente
Andrew Norman Wilson
Carson Fisk-Vittori
Alison Veit
Sam Lipp
Quintessa Matranga

In celebration of everyone who has been a part of our programming, we are uploading new content to the [website](http://newcapitalprojects.com/) for each exhibition. Please check back frequently. We’re excited to share the past and everything new to come!

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