Aug 8th 2015

Edie Fake’s sticker says “IN THIS TOGETHER,” though it might take a few stickers to find that out. A very handsome graphical composition belies the message, and reminds us of all we can accomplish when we tessellate. The July opening happened in conjunction with Fake’s (other) solo show at Western Exhibitions and it was wonderful—so many friends, an excellent show upstairs and an opportunity to expand and get together. Coincidentally, Alice Tippit, a Trunk Show favorite, included her own bumper sticker in her show at Paris London Hong Kong: a patriotic “it’s time for a big dick break” alongside “Alice TIppit for President 2015.” Since Trunk Show is nimble (check out our twenty point turns), we inaugurated Glove Box, an occasional project space right where you think it would be.

Somehow July was our first month without an opening. We had a pop-up shop and kinstitutional gifting at ACRE Residency, for which Brandon Alvendia’s borderline canonical NO BRAKES sticker was adhered to the van’s bumper amid a bumper crop of adherents. Tony Balko, a friend and mostly great driver, was called upon to use Michael Milano’s sticker as a bandage and memorial for one of the many small, sculptural dents that he added to the van’s permanent collection a few years back.

So let’s talk about back. We are. August brings us bringing you the great Claire Arctander. Arctander is doubling down on the sticker idea. In addition to her fantastic bumper sticker—the details of which we’re keeping a secret of course—she’s producing a small batch of smaller stickers specifically made to feminize, revise and radicalize American currency. Like so much of Arctander’s work, the gesture is tender—at least in the legal sense—but tough; both messy and incisive, able to hit on a series of registers.

We’re hosting the opening and affixing in a backyard in the space where 2535 N. Willetts Ct. would be. Bring cash to emblazon and cash to trade for stickers. We’ll be celebrating summer and ice creaming for you screaming. Also, there’s a strict no-missing-allowed ruling in place for Friday’s opening at Heaven Gallery, Ask the Oracle, which features Arctander, Ann Gaziano, AP Shrewsbury and Annie Kielman. Arctander performs at 8:30.

PLUS on August 23rd we’re elated to be participating in the Terrain Biennial with Arctander’s work. Details to come.

Claire Arctander earned a BA in Art Theory and Practice and Gender Studies from Northwestern University and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has taught art classes for UIC and the City Colleges of Chicago. In the past she has been a summer resident at The Cooper Union, Summer Forum, and ACRE. She heads to Ox-Bow this September for a Fall Artist Residency. Recent exhibitions include Lease Agreement, Rainbo Club, Artists’ Television Access and (what will be yesterday) Heaven Gallery.

TRUNK SHOW is a mobile exhibition space usually located in Chicago. It features monthly solo shows for which artists are commissioned to design a limited edition bumper sticker. The sticker lives, rides along with and helps propel a medium beat-up 1999 forest green Ford Taurus owned by Raven Falquez Munsell and Jesse Malmed. In addition to the month-long exhibitions, the bumper stickers are sold à la carte and by annual subscription. Openings follow a nomadic, symbiotic logic and include a public affixing, conceptual catering and playlists. TRUNK SHOW has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Hyperallergic and Newcity who also named it The Best New Gallery on a Car Bumper.

September 4: Anthony Romero, Josh Rios & Eric J. Garcia.
October 24: Anne Elizabeth Moore as a part of PLATFORMS, the Chances Dances ten year retrospective.

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