Aug 15th 2015

Rational Park is proud to announce “Uppers And Downers And All-Arounders”, a solo exhibition by Ben Chlapek. This collection of pen and ink drawings, paintings, and screen prints will mark the artist’s first solo show in Chicago. Much of his meticulous renderings are intimate meditations on his surroundings; delicate observations of decay and loss, a wistful yet optimistic view of the world around him.

The artist in his own words:

“Most of the work I’ve done since moving to Chicago in late 2013 has been pen and ink. A handful of paintings, a good amount of screen printing, but mostly small ink drawings.

It’s very satisfying to be able to work anywhere with minimal tools. It can be very stripped down and functional, but it can also be as ornamental and intricate as you want. These drawings are born from an appreciation of classic rendered ink pieces from a century ago and the modern surroundings of everyday life.

Ghost signs, vintage printed ephemera, and architecture are also big inspirations for these pieces. They make me yearn for a time when there wasn’t reality television or quadruple bacon wrapped fiesta burgers with cowboy sauce.”

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