Aug 25th 2015

Please join us for the opening of Fall 2015 Art & Exhibition Hall Lobby Competition Award Winner Bailey Romaine’s installation “Light-framing, or how to step over running.”

Homophonic translations respond to the sounds or sonic shapes as opposed to the meanings of words – a process which rejects both reading and understanding as static encounters. Created in conversation with this mode of translation, “Light-framing, or how to step over running” exists between furniture and architecture, hearing and understanding, as a gesture towards a concrete, if momentary, point of linkage. The lobby, itself a transitional space, is an apt setting for this exploration of the proposition that perhaps in order to inhabit one must be always between. For the duration of the installation, the work will also be the site of an ongoing open reading. Any and all are welcome to read aloud from a text of their choosing and record their participation in the log provided. The reading is not intended for an audience per se, rather, it creates a grammar of the in-between through which we all must pass.

Bailey Romaine is a second-year MFA student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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