Jun 21st 2015

Panelists: Janice Bond, Robin Dluzen, Krista Franklin, Barbara Koenen, Neysa Page-Lieberman, Jennifer Reeder

On this roundtable style panel artists, curators and administrators will discuss not only what guides their perspective on the most important principles of feminism today, but also they will address the practical applications of their feminist principles in daily life. How does one not only adhere to a feminist ethic in a creative or administrative practice, but how does one live it? What are the challenges of navigating the work place, creative professional landscape, and even social life while adhering to feminist principles? What are basic strategies for feminist art practices today and how do they reflect these ongoing challenges? In this conversation we hope to get beyond the trickle down discourse of high profile publications on the subject, instead working from the ground up with a diverse group of hard working artists and professionals.

Organized by Jessica Cochran, Stacia Penn and Carrie Ruckel, co-coordinators of The Feminist Art Project Illinois Regional Chapter

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