May 23rd 2015

Please join us for the second exhibition of the first season at Dreamboat. “Absurd Walls” is an ambitious installation of new work by Nicholas Cueva about love (Dreamboat’s favorite thing) and loneliness (Dreamboat’s least favorite thing). Nick will be in town for the event, we hope you can make it.

“I”ve been thinking about how disfunction is actually functional, because the logic of my mind isn’t the logic of human relationships.” – Nicholas Cueva

“Just as there are days when under the familiar face of a woman, we see a stranger for the one we had loved months and years ago, perhaps a time will come when we even desire what makes us suddenly so lonely. However, the time has not yet come.” – Albert Camus

Nicholas Cueva, born in Dana Point, California, received his MFA in Painting/Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Taking motif from archeological remnants and digital objects, he brings the viewer into his own large and mysterious cosmos. His childhood, riddled with heart surgeries and religious experiences, revelations and dogmas, leaves it’s mark on his work through the necessity of the cut, carved, broken, faked, collaborative, makeshift and stand in objects. Cluttered and incomplete, half thoughts and missing data, the work of Nicholas relies on subtle cues hidden within his larger language to approach subjects.

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