May 18th 2015

Live to Tape: Aesthletics

@ Links Hall

3111 N Western Ave

Opening Monday, May 18th, from 7PM - 9PM

Monica Panzarino — Monica Panzarino Sings The Star-Spangled Banner
Dara Birnbaum — Pop-Pop Video: General Hospital/Olympic Women Speed Skate
Josh Weissbach — Football Films Presents
TVTV — TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl
Christine Lucy Latimer — Mosaic
Seth Vanek — Talk Show
Chris Collins — Post-Show Wrap-Up

Sports remains America’s favourite sport. We’re here to watch games, to watch our affiliations, to watch the unending machinations of humans in intractable situations, trying to be the best and bounce within and against a series of rules. Sure, games are a metaphor but so’s everything.

Monica Panzarino opens the whole event with an anthem performed with her Freqshift/Reverb Audio Bra. Librarian, musician and lifelong talk show aspirant Seth Vanek (Homeroom, tiny cover band, Roommate) hosts a variety show. TVTV takes us to the Super Bowl (featuring Bill Murray in his Links Hall debut). Dara Birnbaum skates cut through hospital soap. Josh Weissbach contends with the dire consequences of head-to-head combat head-to-head, while Christine Lucy Latimer scrambles the signals, signifiers and a few faces. Chris Collins provides a post-show wrap-up, using another form of aesthletics—making a piece over the course of the evening. Co-presented with Constellation’s ongoing program of experimental documentary, Run of Life (curated by Christy LeMaster, Beckie Stocchetti, Robin Amer, Jillian Hansen-Lewis, Sally Lawton, & Jenny Miller).

Links Hall is proud to present Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, a week-long celebration of artist television performances and screenings curated by Jesse Malmed. From May 18th to 24th, the festival will showcase video and performance works by more than sixty artists—spanning four decades—that take television as object, as concept, as antagonist, as material, as form, as inspiration. Some of the most exciting artists working on the edges of broadcast, video art, comedy and performance are brought together for a week of wild and wonky televisionary delights, offering a glimpse into the futures and pasts of artist television.

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