May 29th 2015

The Chicago Artists Coalition is proud to present A Challenge to the Summer Group Show: BOLT Alumni Exhibition & Dialogue, an experimental survey and series of events that directly acknowledges and engages its artists and audiences.

The BOLT gallery will serve as a dynamic space for former Residents to showcase current work and to discuss their artistic development in recent years. The associated events will be a catalyst for dialogue and making, empowering the public to be an active participant and gain meaningful experiences through direct contact. As BOLT Residency enters its fifth year, the BOLT Alumni Exhibition & Dialogue is a continuation of the CAC’s mission as a site for linking artists and audiences through community, education, and cultural engagement; and demonstrating the lasting significance and reverberating energy of its residency program.

Participating artists: Madeleine Bailey, Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Joseph G. Cruz, Azadeh Gholizadeh and Diana Torres, Norman W. Long, Christopher Ottinger, Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite, Eric Wall, Stacia Yeapanis

A Challenge to the Summer Group Show: BOLT Alumni Exhibition & Dialogue is curated by Teresa Silva.

All events are free and open to the public.

Associated Events:

Thursday, June 4
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Again, and again, and again, and again: A Roundtable Exploration of the Repetitive Gesture in Art

Using their own practices as a jumping off point, first-year BOLT Residents Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite and Stacia Yeapanis will host a public roundtable discussion with featured artists, who will share their experience as makers. The discussion will delve into themes such as labor, anxiety, ritual, and routine. A tactile activity and guided meditation will augment the expertise of the featured guests with a phenomenological exploration of the repetitive gesture.

Featured Artists TBA

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Saturday, June 13
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sound Walk in the West Loop

As the final programmatic element to his ‘scapes BOLT exhibition, Norman W. Long will take participants on a sound walk of the West Loop. Long will retrace his field-recording walks in a different season with a decidedly different technology (our ears). A sound walk is a guided or unguided tour where one listens to their environment. We will be mindful of sounds that drift by, come to the forefront, drop in the background, stay with us and fade away. The sounds we listen to become part of our own stories or lives and affect us in a similar way of language. A sound walk is important to our understanding of place and how we define our communities.

Participants will gather outside the front door of the Chicago Artists Coalition, located at 217 North Carpenter Street, at 11 a.m. to commence the tour.

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Monday, June 15
6:00 – 8:00 pm

On the Horizon Line: Panel Talk

Using the works of Sarah and Joseph Belknap and Joseph G. Cruz in the exhibition as a springboard, curators Steven L. Bridges and Jason Judd will have a conversation with the artists about the notion of the horizon line as a metaphorical and literal thing. The physical horizon as a subjective navigational tool was exposed when the United States sent a captured, WWII German V2 Rocket just over the boundary that is considered space. The V2 Rocket was equipped with a camera that was attached to the nose. The camera captured the curvature of the earth for the first time in history. This milestone did not reveal the horizon as subjective because it exposed the curvature of the earth, nor because it introduced what would be the beginning of a change in perspective to a God’s eye view. It revealed a subjective horizon line. The panel will talk about this paradigm shift in perspective and in experiencing the horizon line, navigation, and images.

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