Apr 25th 2015

Seeing Hearing Screening : part IV

@ LODGE (in service of the dark arts)

1850 S Blue Island, Pilsen, 60608

Opening Saturday, April 25th, at 7PM

On view through Saturday, April 25th

A screening of Inside by Edward Thomasson

A performance of Even the Ear is an Eye by Courtney Mackadanz & Alex Stein

Inside (2012), like many of Thomasson’s videos and performances, was developed in workshop with groups of trained and untrained performers. The resulting work brings together three scenarios that explore how some things are made public, and others are kept private.

Even the Ear is an Eye (2015) is a performance about ladders, walls, and limits. Occupying the unstable threshold between the axiomatic and the unknown, movement and language become limited tools as we attempt the transcendent—the view from a ladder on unstable ground.

SEEING HEARING SCREENING pairs four British filmmakers with four performance artists based in the US to confront the theme of intimacy and memory in institutional spaces. Curated by Angharad Davies. January – April 2015 at LODGE (in service of the dark arts), Chicago.

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