Apr 25th 2015


@ H o u s e

4929 S Campbell, Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, April 25th, from 6PM - 10PM

NINETEEN is a celebration of underrepresented + emerging visual artists and musicians, and the communities they inhabit in the city of Chicago. Part party, part performance, NINETEEN will showcase the work of 10 visual artists and 9 musical artists in Chicago that are making exciting and impactful work!

Along with showing the work of these artists, NINETEEN will also be a celebration for the Chicago creative community; come enjoy free food and refreshments, meet other people from an arts and non-arts background, and enjoy new experiences with others! Besides being an exhibition of work, NINETEEN seeks to create a platform for connections to be made among people – the common culture of so many shows (institutional or DIY) is to forget the sense of community that can be created when bringing people together. By being a party in both exhibition theme and in practice, NINETEEN’s highly decorated and energized environment allows people to connect with each other and enjoy an evening of art and entertainment!


Victoria Fried
Alec Rudek
Georgia Notin
Matthew Ryan
Tyler Lumm
Loren Ibach
Luis Mejico
Patt Knerr
Jen Page

Alejandro Zerah
Taylor Cleveland
DJ Milk Kiss
Pet Bamboo

Thank you so much to all of the kind people who pledged via Kickstarter in order to make this event possible; we are so grateful for your generosity!

From Luis Mejico, event organizer:
“In celebration of my 20th birthday, I want to honor the 19th year of my life. 19, standing at the precipice of the second and third decade of my life. It’s a space of strangeness, of half-being and half-not-being. This past year has been incredible to me; I’ve gotten the chance to meet so many amazing people, and to share my work with so many. So much of my career is based around and driven by the individuals and communities that I collaborate with. My 19th year was marked most by the relationships I developed with others. I knew that I had to somehow give thanks to the people around me who have helped me blossom. What better way than with a celebration for the Chicago community, honoring the public that has driven my practice, and the artists around me that have inspired me to continue to work hard? Half-party, half-exhibition, NINETEEN will also stand comfortably in a space of strangeness, of excitement. I offer this celebration as a birthday present not just to myself, but to the talented and hardworking people around me, and the communities they and myself are a part of.”

We hope you will join us on April 25th! Please share this event with your friends; let’s give Chicago an evening it won’t forget!

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