Apr 5th 2015

Sound acts as a bridge connecting the distant and close at hand, the above and below ground. Vibrational forces articulate unseen structures and locations, modulating within space and substance.

EMBEDDED FREQUENCIES is a confluence of sound and materiality. Situated in a darkened room, the boundaries that cordon inaccessible environments from the everyday are temporarily dissolved. Field recordings, meticulously captured and presented on four channels, mesh with the harmonics of the space, allowing us to simultaneously occupy multiple geographies. Sonic representations allow us to share a journey into obscured locations, inaccessible for geological or political reasons. Embedded and dislocated, we can hear the Dolomites in Italy disintegrate into riverbeds; the emergence of oils and gases from subterranean to industrial channels in North Dakota; and the creatures communicating through the waters of the deep arctic. We then return to explore the local architecture of LODGE as electronic musicians Peter Speer and Coppice respond live to the space, creating soundscapes that alternately absorb and reinforce the tonal components of the room.

Between performances, audience members are invited to listen to the acoustic properties of LODGE through headphones via a supporting microphone installation created by the curators.

LODGE (in service of the dark arts) is a winter project-space organized and curated by Angharad Davies and Phil Peters. Sited in a former banqueting hall, windowless with partially dilapidated faux-finishings, LODGE presents a series of film screenings and public exhibitions; an arc of dark light to guide us through the winter months.

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