Apr 10th 2015

The Seventh Summit of the Americas will be held in Panama City over April 10–11, 2015. This year marks the first time that Cuban leaders have been invited to join the Summit, signaling the last traces remaining from the Cold War.

On Friday, April 10 at 6:00 pm as the inaugural ceremony at the Summit commences, the artist collaborative Diaz Lewis intends to organize a group of approximately 350 participants in Chicago to form a single-file line. Participants will follow the path from the entrance at 119 North Peoria, up three flights of stairs, past Aspect/Ratio, to a back exit that opens on to Green Street, and around the corner back to Peoria Street. The audience will become participants, or active spectators. The action will be both a meditative march and an endless queue walking in circles, a waiting.

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