Mar 20th 2015

William Schweigert: Our Debt, Your Debt

@ FLATspace at Mana Contemporary

2233 S. Throop Street, 4th Floor, Chicago, 60608

Opening Friday, March 20th, from 6.00PM - 10.00PM

On view through Saturday, March 21st

William Schweigert: Our Debt, Your Debt

Opening Night: March 20th, 6-10pm
Open Hours: March 21st, 11am-4pm

William Schweigert paints a scene of desire and apprehension driven by a hyperbolic, ephemeral logic—an ever-flowing cascade of tulips, oiled flesh, and spectral color.

Weighed down by our debtor’s guilt, we lack the ability to imagine a future life—we suffer from a crisis of projection. Yet this debt sustains us, through our subordination to its abstracted ethical framework. Do we even wish for it to be lifted? This debt is the object of our desire, even if its presence threatens our wellbeing. It gives us our sense of what it means to live—to look forward to being in this world. Maybe this crisis we find ourselves in doesn’t actually feel like a crisis?

Nay, take my life and all. Pardon not that. You take my house when you do take the prop that doth sustain my house. You take my life when you do take the means whereby I live.

—Shylock, Merchant of Venice

William Schweigert’s EcclesiasTees will deal out both mercies and indulgences in equal measure. Come trade on Chicago’s newest futures market March 20th and 21st at FLATspace at Mana Contemporary. Bring tulips, the currency of choice for EcclesiasTees latest fashion collection of crew necks and jockstraps. Through his use of cacophonous color, disobedient bodies, and alternative systems of compensation, Schweigert disrupts our millennial malaise and the financial specters that haunt us.

Part of The Chicago Urban Art Society satellite residency program located at Mana Contemporary Chicago.

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