Mar 6th 2015

65GRAND is pleased to present fourteen landscapes or all everyone wants to talk about is the end of the world, a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Philip von Zweck, the artist’s third with the gallery.

When choosing subjects, von Zweck draws from a disparate array of topics and historical moments: the opening sequence of The Sound of Music shot using the 70mm Todd-AO process, Colony Collapse Disorder, polar bears stranded on dwindling ice bergs, and Seth Seigelaub selling Oriental rugs at the same time he represented some of history’s most important Conceptual artists.

“It has more to do with Frederick Taylor (the father of management consulting) and with questions that arise about the use value of art today,” von Zweck interjects. “I think Taylor is kind of a villain. He told a Congressional committee, ‘I can say, without the slightest hesitation, that the science of handling pig-iron is so great that the man who is […] physically able to handle pig-iron and is sufficiently phlegmatic and stupid to choose this for his occupation is rarely able to comprehend the science of handling pig-iron.’ What is the role of skill or craft or uniqueness in an outsourced new liberal economy?”

This new body of work extends von Zweck’s long-running practice, which he states, “explicitly and implicitly orbits a cloud of meta-art concerns.” Among these are the political efficacy of art, determining who is the audience for art, what is the role of the artist, and finally, “how to be OK making art now.”

Philip von Zweck lives and works in Chicago. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Performa 11, Devening Projects, Gallery 400, the Storefront, Threewalls, Medicine Cabinet, Important Projects, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS and 65GRAND. Von Zweck’s 20-year practice includes radio programs, social and participatory projects, video, performance, painting, curation (VONZWECK, Something Else, Temporary Allegiance and D Gallery) and writing (most recently in Afterall, with Zachary Cahill).

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