Mar 15th 2015

devening projects + editions invites you to the opening of our two new exhibitions. In the main gallery, Cody Tumblin presents new paintings in Tell Tale. You Know That as Radiant, Angharad Davies’ video installation takes place in the off space. An opening reception for the artists is on Sunday, March 15, from 4 – 7 pm; the exhibitions continue until April 18, 2015.

Loosely chronicling time spent in his home studio, Tell Tale is a collection of new dyed and painted works by Cody Tumblin . The pieces in his first solo show with the gallery dance between painting and object; most are made to the exact dimensions of significant books from his personal library. Each painting reflects a collective history of multiple works, many of them uneasy missteps. For instance, a painting or drawing is made, then stretched over another unfinished work. After further developments on the surface, the painting is peeled away, revealing the history of previous events that seep through each layer of cloth — the process is repeated several times, back and forth. The bleeds and stains of dye and watercolor remain from several different paintings, tracing movements of his brush and the evidence of each action. The anxious rhythm of the studio fluctuates between moments of excited urgency and long, quiet periods of uncertainty. Each work is a reflection of these cycles, weaving together a strange narrative of time spent.

Cody Tumblin is from Nashville, Tennessee, and lives and works in Chicago with his wife, the artist Kayl Parker. He received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recent exhibitions include PRTY PPL curated by Josh Reames at Circuit 12 in Dallas and Forlorn Luck, a solo show at Lunchmoney Gallery in Aarhus, Denmark. In Chicago, Cody recently participated in SHIT IS REAL at devening projects + editions, a solo show with The Salon Series, and Pile Hunk Stage with Kayl Parker at Gallery X. This summer, Cody is anticipating two-person shows at The Packing Plant in Nashville, Tennessee, and at LVL 3 in Chicago.

Angharad Davies works with image and language to the point where they begin to fall apart. Primarily involved with video, she uses these poetic digressions to investigate themes of memory, nomadism and intimacy within domestic, institutional and service spaces.

Re-filmed photographs, taken while traveling, are arranged under the guise of a layman’s anthropology to seek out commonalities and differences across cultures; asking what constitutes “appropriate” behavior and how we go about designing for it. By combining elements of truth, confession and storytelling, she sets oppositions between fact and fiction, the live and the recorded, the document and the artifact.

Angharad Davies earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BA from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, and the Central Academy of Fine Art, China. Recent presentations of her work include Here, There and Everywhere; Truth and Liveness with Stephen Kwok, as well as shows in Baltimore, Detroit, London and Chicago. Formerly Commissions Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery, London, she is currently undertaking a four-month curatorial project at LODGE (in service of the dark arts), Chicago.

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