Mar 13th 2015


@ Gallery 3F

2013 W. Iowa St. Apt. 3F, Chicago

Opening Friday, March 13th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Friday, March 13th

Udita Upadhyaya
Cameron Marble
Kim Chayeb
Sylvie Hayes-Wallace
Shala Miller
Hettie Price
Thomas Hack

home – a place one lives
a fact: there is magic in living and being alive and subsequently the place that one lives
but magic is complicated, it creeps up in unexpected places > it wakes things up that were supposed to stay asleep
it gives room for the unbelievable and unreal in everything that should just “make sense”
it scares you, haunts you, tempts/teases/and beckons you…
it asks questions like a child, it is wondrous eyes staring up at you (sometimes out of the darkness, but not always)

…because somehow in life > that which we know to be most mundane/banal/normal/simple/unquestionable and true is powered by forces intangible and unquantifiable
>>> and then there are special moments when the presence of those forces is leaning down on us and we can actually feel the weight,
yet still immeasurable > how do we reconcile its presence when it remains unable to be completely visible, named, and understood?
how do we even begin to explain what it is – let alone what these many forms of magic, spectacle, the sacred and divine, ritual, agency, privilege, devotion, trickery, etcetcetc look like?

Gallery 3F would like to proudly present its second group exhibition ABraCaDabra, a show about magic. Gallery 3F is an apartment gallery owned and run by Tannaz Motevalli with the goals of creating a space for art and living to coexist in the contemporary world of curating. Since the work (including live performances) is scattered all around the living space the show will only be up for one night!! So please try and stop by if you can.

Refreshments and wine @ the beginning

Performances will run from 7pm-8pm!

Please respect the space – someone lives here
Please be wary of noise – we have neighbors
No smoking inside 🙂
**limited space for bodies and such!!

♥ ♥

For any inquiries about/proposals for the space contact ~ //

Official Website

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